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Preparing for Generation NEXT: Keeping Virginia's Forests Intact, In Forest, & In Family

Your love of your land, your management ethic, your desire to see the property remain intact, in forest, and in family ownership – these are components of your woodland legacy.   Most woodland owners in Virginia cite legacy as one of their main reasons for owning land, and a large majority express concern over their ability to keep the land intact.  

The Virginia Department of Forestry and Virginia Cooperative Extension offer an annual series of Preparing for Generation NEXT workshops.  These will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and contacts to get started with the process of planning for the future of your land and passing your woodland legacy on to the next generation.  

The mini-workshops provide a solid overview of the legacy planning process and introduce you to basic planning strategies.  The two-day workshops delve deeper into the process and provide additional tools and resources.   Legal and natural resources professionals are present at both.  

The next generation of woodland owners enjoying the land.
Are you prepared to pass your land, and your values, to the next generation of your family?

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