(Mostly) Free Apps for Foresters and Landowners

2013 Virginia Forestry Summit Presentation


Data Collection

Soils and Water

  • SoilWeb (iPhone and Android)
  • River Data (iPhone)
  • Flood Watch (iPhone)
  • River Flows (Android)

Invasive Species

  • Bugwood Apps (find a complete listing at: http://apps.bugwood.org/)
    • Mid-Atlantic Early Detection Network (iPhone and Android)
    • Invasive Plants of Southern Forests (iPhone)

Field Guides

  • Service Forester's Toolkit (iPhone)
  • vTree (iPhone and Android)
  • Leaf Snap (iPhone)
  • Tree Book (iPhone)
  • LarkWire (iPhone)
  • Peterson Guides (iPhone $4.99 and up)
  • Audubon Guides (iPhone and Android $2.99 and up)

Field Tools

  • Basal Area
  • iBitterlich (iPhone)
  • Bitterlich relascope (Android)
  • Height/Slope
  • iHypsometer Lite (iPhone)
  • aHypsometer Lite (Android)
  • SAF App (iPhone and Android; $4.99 members, $9.99 non-members)
  • Random Number Generator (many available for both iPhone and Android)
  • Compass (many available for both iPhone and Android)
  • Evernote (iPhone and Android)

For more Apps, see http://brunalab.org/apps/

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