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Woodland Owner Retreats

Beginning Woodland Owner Retreats:

  • are hosted by the Virginia Department of Forestry and Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • are geared towards landowners who are new to forest management
  • provide information on both hardwood and pine forest management
  • offer chances for interaction with natural resource professionals from various agencies in Virginia, as well as with other landowners
  • provide information on estate planning, management planning and certification
  • provide hands-on experience with tree identification, forestry equipment, and more...

Forest Management: Beyond the Basics Advanced Retreats:

These advanced Retreats build on concepts taught in the Beginner Retreats. They take a deeper dive into specific woodland and wildlife management topics as identified by past Retreat attendees. Advanced Retreats focus on giving participants hands-on experiences with a variety of woodland management tools. The location of the Advanced Retreats will rotate among the three locations.  In 2023 it will be in Southeast Virginia. 

Here's what 2021 participants said about the experience:

  • "It was a great day and a half. Thank you for all the information! Great people!"
  • "I cannot express how much I enjoyed the program! There were so many useful nuggets of information! Thank you all for putting this together."
  • "Great workshop!"
  • "This was well presented. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it."
Three adults outdoors measuring the circumference of a pine tree with a Biltmore stick.
Participants in the Retreats learn about sustainable woodland management through classroom, field trip, and hands-on activities.

Upcoming Retreats

  • 2025 Dates coming soon!