Beginning Woodland Owner Retreats:

  • are hosted by the Virginia Department of Forestry and Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • are geared towards landowners who are new to forest management
  • provide information on both hardwood and pine forest management
  • offer chances for interaction with natural resource professionals from various agencies in Virginia, as well as with other landowners
  • provide information on estate planning, management planning and certification
  • provide hands-on experience with tree identification, forestry equipment, and more...

Here's what 2019 participants said about the experience:

  • "Fantastic program - great folks - relevant topics, well presented by knowledgeable and experienced people.  If you can find an improvement, good luck."
  • "The session was extremely valuable and enlightening.  Changed my perspective on forestry management and pine planting."
  • "It was great information.  Excellent speakers and opportunity to learn more about managing forests and wildlife."
Landowner Weeked Retreats
At the 2018 Central Beginning Woodland Owners' Retreat in Appomattox, participants learned about the Virginia Department of Forestry's loblolly pine management.

Upcoming Retreats

  • September 23-24
  • New Kent Forestry Center, Providence Forge
  • Individual, No Lodging - $55
  • Individual, Lodging Thurs. & Fri. - $95
  • Couple, No Lodging - $90
  • Couple, Lodging Thurs. & Fri. - $170
  • More info & Agenda
  • Registration is closed
Measuring a tree
Activities, such as the tree valuation exercise, provide participants with hands-on experiences they can use at home in their own woodlands.