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Landowner Programs

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Woodland Owner Tours

  • June 21, Tree Farm Tour Pittsylvania County $20/person; $35/couple
  • July 12, Tree Farm Tour Sussex County $20/person; $35/couple
  • July 26, Tree Farm Tour Highland County $20/person; $35/couple
  • August 23, Tree Farm Tour Shenandoah County $20/person; $35/couple
  • August 30, Tree Farm Tour Bland County $20/person; $35/couple

Woodland Owner Classes

  • July 1 - September 9, Online Woodland Options for Landowners $55/family
  • August 16 - Timber Cruise Workshop, $45/person

Woodland Owner Retreats

None at this time

Continuing Education for Forestry Professionals

None at this time.