Current Short Course Titles (check the Events Calendar for scheduled classes):

Investing in Sustainable Forestry

This short course provides forest owners with options for investing in their forests now to provide economic and environmental benefits in the future.  Topics vary by location, but typically include: Best Management Practices, riparian buffers, and cost share programs.  

Forest & Farmland Conservation Strategies

Participants in this short course will learn about the numerous tools available to help Virginia landowners conserve their forest land.  Topics covered include: planning tools, Virginia's Right-to-Practice-Forestry law, bargain sales, purchase/transfer of development rights programs, Agricultural & Forestal Districts, Use Value Taxation, and conservation easements.  

Woodland Options for Landowners

This short course, which is also offered on-line each spring, is designed for landowners new to forest management.  Participants will leave with a strong foundation for understanding their forest management options.  Topics covered include: developing goals and objectives, working with a professional forester, writing a forest management plan, locating and marking boundary lines, silviculture and forest ecology.

Wildlife Options for Landowners

For many forest owners, managing for wildlife is one of their top priorities.  This short course teaches participants the foundations of wildlife habitat development and management.  Topics covered include: what is wildlife?, basic ecology and management, using forest management to create and enhance habitat, sources of professional assistance.

Selling Your Timber

Over the course of their lives, most forest owners only have one or two opportunities to sell their timber.  Learn how to do this in an environmentally and economically sound manner in this short course.  Topics covered include: planning a harvest, working with a professional forester, silviculture, riparian buffers, and Best Management Practices, preparing and conducting the sale, contracts, taxes on timber income, and reforestation.

Cruisin' Through the Woods

In part 1 of this 2-part program, learn how to use a hand-held GPS unit to navigate and map land.  In part 2, learn how to cruise timber to estimate volume.  Topics covered include: basics of GPS and remote sensing, how to navigate, forestry equipment for cruising timber, sampling techniques and volume estimation.  

Preparing for Generation NEXT

Offerings on this topic come in a variety of forms, including the full 2-day program.

Classes may be offered in one-8-hour session, or on multiple evenings. If you are interested in having a class scheduled in your area, please contact Jennifer Gagnon, 540/231-6391.

Upcoming Short Courses

Fifteen Minutes in the Forest

  • Every other Friday - Save the Date
  • 12:15-12:30 p.m. 
  • Two ways to watch: 
  • Jan. 6 - So You Bought Some Land....
  • Jan. 20 - Charcoal Furnaces & Iron Ore
  • Feb. 3 - Boundary Lines
  • Feb. 17 - Growing Pecans in Virginia
  • March 3 - Forest Microhabitats
  • March 17 - Virginia's Smallest Carnivore

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