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A complete listing of upcoming forestry education events in Virginia

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On-line registration is available for many events.

An * after a registration fee means meals are included.  ** after a registration fee means meals and lodging are included.

The Woods in Your Backyard

September 22 & 29 (2 night program)

6 - 8:30

Warrenton Visitor's Center, Warrenton

$20 (for individual or couple)

The workshops will use the award winning, The Woods in Your Backyard: Learning to Create and Enhance Natural Areas Around Your Home, to equip owners of 1-10 acres to be better stewards of their property. The full-color, 139-page manual helps users identify goals for their land, and offers guidance to achieve them.
Whether you are interested in converting lawn to forest, creating wildlife habitat, or providing a use-ful outdoor space for your family, this book is for you.  The workshops will take participants through the manual exploring planning and implementation of various land management concepts and tools. A Resource CD will also be available.

Contact Tim Ohlwiler ,540/341-7950 x 3, for more information.  

Certification Considerations for Mid-Atlantic Wood Exports


Renaissance Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA


Add to your knowledge of certification issues relating to forest resources, industrial manufacturing, transportation, logistics and the regulations, policies and audits.  The conference is designed to appeal to anyone with a serious interest in tapping into forest product export markets: private forest industry, foresters and consultants, economic developers and commissioners, NFOs, and logistics professionals involved in wood-based resource supply chains. Continuing education credits are available for engineers and professional foresters.

For more information, visit the conference website.  Register on-line here.

The Woods in Your Backyard

September 25 & October 2 (2 night program)

6 - 8:30

Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, Manassas

$20 (for individual or couple)

The workshops will use the award winning, The Woods in Your Backyard: Learning to Create and Enhance Natural Areas Around Your Home, to equip owners of 1-10 acres to be better stewards of their property. The full-color, 139-page manual helps users identify goals for their land, and offers guidance to achieve them.
Whether you are interested in converting lawn to forest, creating wildlife habitat, or providing a use-ful outdoor space for your family, this book is for you.  The workshops will take participants through the manual exploring planning and implementation of various land management concepts and tools. A Resource CD will also be available.

Contact Joe Rossetti, 540/347-6358 for more information.  

Virginia Master Naturalists Rockbridge Chapter - Introduction & Open House

September 25

3 - 5 p.m.

$60/person; $90/couple (if you decide to enroll in the training)

Boxerwood Nature Center, Lexington

Looking for a way to combine your love of nature with the ability to make a difference in your community?  Then you might be interested in our upcoming training class for Virginia’s Master Naturalist program.  This is a community based Natural Resource Volunteer program.  It includes volunteer educators, citizen scientists, and stewards helping Virginia conserve and manage natural resources and public lands.  As part of this state-guided program, the volunteers in our chapter host public education programs; lead nature walks; monitor and maintain local bluebird trails, provide data on local water ways, work with community schools, and participate in many other stewardship and citizen science projects within our community of Rockbridge County. We are looking for others who are interested in spending some of their time volunteering in these and other activities.

For more information, contact Rockbridge Master Naturalists 610/357-9532

Non-timber Forest Products Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Forest Brews

September 25

2-3:00 p.m.


Al Robertson’s hard cider is always a ‘best seller’ at the Tree Farmer Convention and Mike Burns’ visits to DC are eagerly awaited because we want to taste what new brews he has concocted. Both men love exploring and experimenting with everything they can find in their forests. Learn about how to make your own brews and just expand your understanding of what can be made from the forest. 

Register here

American Chestnut Seed Collection and Storage Day

Saturday, Sept. 27

9:00 a.m.

McDonald's Mill, 3875 Catawba Rd., Blacksburg


We will harvest, open, sort and store chestnuts from a Mother Tree on Crawford’s Ridge in Montgomery County.  The day will be in two sessions with both meeting at McDonalds Mill, 3875 Catawba Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060. The first session will start at 9:00 am and we will go on a short hike up the ridge to (hopefully) gather the bagged burs from a surviving American chestnut.  We bagged and pollinated the flowers on this tree in July with pollen from a resistant tree at the Meadowview American Chestnut Research Farm. 

After lunch we will open these burs as well as those from other trees we have pollinated in the valley, determine which of the nuts are viable and pack them for storage until spring planting time.  The viable nuts will then be planted at the Catawba Sustainability Center for the chestnut breeding orchard there.  This session will be in the mill and out of the weather so if anyone who wants to participate but not walk up the ridge should plan on making this session.

Anyone attending should pack a lunch and if you are coming to the morning bur collecting, dress appropriately and wear suitable footwear for ½ mile hike up and down a steep, rocky ridge.  Contact Carl Absher with any questions at 540-553-1916 or

Chesapeake Bay Fall Forestry & Wildlife Bus & Boat Tour

Thursday & Friday, September 29-30

Start in Warsaw

Sept. 29, 8:00 a.m. - Sept.30, 5:00 p.m.  


Watch slide show

Join us for our first-ever surf and turf over-night Fall Forestry & Wildlife Field Tour in, on & near the Chesapeake Bay, a national treasure.  The Chesapeake Bay is the nation's largest estuary and the focus of on-going water quality research and watershed  land-use practices.  Forests and the management of them are generally recognized as a positive form of land-use for water quality.  This is a result of excellent best management practices and committed managers.  Join us as we explore forestry on the land and experience the impacts from within the Bay.  Registration includes all transportation (both land and sea), overnight accommodations on Smith's Island, refreshments, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner.  

Please see this document for important details regarding the tour.  

Registration is closed - tour is full.  

For more information, contact Adam Downing, 540/948-6881 or Neil Clark, 757/653-2572.  

Natural Hardwood Charcoal Making Demonstration

Oct. 4

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Madison Farmers Market, Madison


An open-house demonstration occurring at the Madison Farmers Market next to the Madison Primary School.  Cooking with real charcoal and taste-testing samples with local meat!

For related information see:

Contact Adam Downing for more information 540/948-6881.

Non-timber Forest Products Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Manage your Forest for Pine Straw and Rake in the Profits

October 9

2-3:00 p.m.


Tired of raking those hardwood leaves in your yard? Maybe you should consider raking pine straw from your forest instead! Pine straw is a non-timber forest product that is produced when southern pine trees such as longleaf, slash, or loblolly pines drop their needles in the fall. The resulting pine straw can be raked by hand or harvested using a mechanical raking machine and turned into bales. Landowners can manage their forest to harvest and then sell the straw on a per-acre or per-bale basis for a nice profit. These bales are purchased by retailers, landscape contractors, or homeowners to use as landscape mulch. But pine straw is not the only profit potential in your forest. Management opportunities for other non-timber forest products abound including - nuts, fruits, specialty wood products, floral and decorative items, and dietary supplements.

Register here

Halifax County Fall Forestry & Wildlife Field Tour

Friday, October 10

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Start in South Boston

$45*/person; $75*/couple

On this tour of Halifax County in south central Virginia, we'll learn about agro-forestry, loblolly pine management, and exotic invasives.  We'll end the day with a tour of a wood products manufacturing facility.  

Tour brochure.  Registration is closed - tour is full.

For more information, contact Jason Fisher, 434/476-2147.

5th Chestnut Celebration & 

25th Anniversary of Meadowview Research Farm

Saturday, Oct. 11

2 - 6:00 p.m.

Glen C. Price Research Farm, Meadowview

Come celebrate with the American Chestnut Foundation.  There will be tours, hayrides, live music, chestnut-themed foods, chestnut beer, and a raffle for chestnut seedlings.  

Click here for flier.

For more information, contact 276/944-4631

Succession Solutions for Farm Families

Oct. 23

9 - 3

Staunton Holiday Inn, Staunton

$69 for first family member; $41 for each additional family member

A succession plan is far more than a binder full of legal documents and a life insurance policy.It’s founded on common goals and shared dreams. It ensures a smooth transition, the family’s financial security, and a well-prepared next generation.  In this workshop, Kevin Spafford will teach the five keys to planning success:

  1.  Planning Process
  2. Overcome Obstacles
  3. Common Objectives
  4. Good Communication
  5. Commitment

Follow on Facebook for updates:; Please Register by October 2nd.  

To register, please call Jeremy Daubert at theRockingham County Extension Office: (540) 564-3080 Or email:

Rockbridge Area Forestry & Wildlife Association

Oct. 23

6:00 p.m.

South River Fire Department, Fairfield

$11 - dinner included

Sustainable Tree Talk: Jennifer Hughes is the Arborist for the City of Lexington since 2012. She is an ISA Certified Arborist and TRAQ Certified Tree Assessor (Tree Risk). She graduated top of her class from Blue Ridge Community College’s Urban Forestry program in 2004. She has worked for the Frontier Culture Museum, the National Park Service, and Big-O Tree, to name a few. She is a total tree nerd that was raised in Muir Woods National Monument in Mill Valley CA. She relocated to August Co. as a teenager and has a small farm there presently. Her hobbies include traveling, landscaping, card games, cooking, and yoga among numerous others. Her favorite tree is of course Sequoia sempervirens the Coastal Redwood.

To reserve your spot, please call by October 17 to 540-261-3803 or 540-290-0082

Non-timber Forest Products Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Art from the Forest

October 29

2-3:00 p.m.


Nontimber forest products include plants, lichens and mushrooms used for specialized art and craft practices: basketmaking, fiber dyeing, and more.  Artisans who gather and use these species have specialized knowledge of their micro-habitats and require certain qualities in the material they use.  Allaire Diamond M.S., Conservation Ecologist with the Vermont Land Trust, will discuss a variety of species used by master artisans and the unique opportunities for landowners to foster these species on their land and build relationships with artisan-gatherers.  

Register here

Working Woods Walk 

Oct. 26

2 - 4 p.m.

James Madison's Montpelier, Montpelier Station


Join Virginia Master Naturalists on this Virginia LEAF program.  Explore beyond the Mansion and the lawn to the woods of Montpelier and consider society’s dependence on this resource then and now.  The walk through President Madison’s beloved woodlands will be led by Virginia Master Naturalists through a state-of-the-art trail showcasing various forest & habitat tending methods.


Contact Adam Downing for more information 540/948-6881.

Grayson-Carroll Counties Fall Forestry & Wildlife Field Tour

Thursday, Oct. 30

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Start in Galax

$30*/person; $50*/couple

This tour of beautiful southwest Virginia will highlight current forest management research projects on the Matthews State Forest.  But white pine is really the star of this tour as we explore the many management options available for this species.  

Tour brochure and mail-in registration; on-line registration.  

For more information, contact Bill Worrell, 276/889-8056

Fields, pastures, creek sides....and Trees: How could it work for you?

Saturday, November 8         

9:00 - 4:30 

Lord Fairfax Community College, Warrenton

$15* - includes lunch

Come find out in a day-long workshop focused on agroforestry riparian buffer and silvopasture systems. These practices provide a way to bring trees back into our farming to work for us, and the land.

Silvopasture is the intentional management of trees, forage, and livestock that can make for happy healthy herds. Agroforestry riparian buffers are bands of trees planted parallel to creeks.   The buffers provide opportunities to produce market products such as fruits, nuts, florals, and more. Because both practices incorporate more trees in the landscape, they play an important role in improving our soil health and water quality.

We invite highly interested landowners and producers to join us for this day-long workshop where we will provide you with information on how to get started. Experts from both the private and public sector will be on hand to answer questions, and landowners will share their experience with these practices.

For more information contact Paxton Ramsdell at 540-231-0790 or  Register on-line.  Webpage.

Non-timber Forest Products Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Forest Cultivated Mushrooms: A Rotten Business

November 10

2-3:00 p.m.


Ken Mudge, associate professor at Cornell University, will explore the four stages that a prospective mushroom grower must consider for forest cultivation of shiitake mushrooms. Acquisition of substrate logs, inoculation, resting, fruiting and harvesting of mushrooms will be covered in this webinar.

Register here

Non-timber Forest Products Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Forest Botanicals' Deep and Tangled Roots

December 12

2-3:00 p.m.


Eric Burkhart, faculty instructor at Pennsylvania State University, will share insights from his  studies and involvement with native plant species on eastern US forestlands that are wild harvested for the domestic and international plant trade. Quality-control, profitability, and sustainability within this industry will be discussed.

Register here

Master Tree Farmer 2015

Tuesday Evenings, January 27 - February 17th, 2015



Join Clemson University and natural resource professionals from throughout the Southeast for this 4-part Master Tree Farmer Program.  Sessions are as follows:

  • Session 1. An examination of two land certification programs: American Tree Farm System and the QDMA Land Certification program.
  • Session 2. Use of prescribed fire in pine management.
  • Session 3. Forest Genetics: Is improved stock worth the investment?
  • Session 4. Forest Pests: Current and Future Threats

Register on-line here.

For more information: or Contact: Susan Guynn at or 864-656-0606.

Walk in the Forest

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Kent Forestry Center


Take a walk in the woods with professional foresters at this historically well-attended event.  

Contact Lisa Deaton 804/966-2201 x 115 for more information.  


An * after a registration fee means meals are included.  ** after a registration fee means meals and lodging are included.

If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in these activities, please contact Jennifer Gagnon at 540/231-6391/TDD* during business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to discuss accommodations 5 days prior to the event.  *TDD number is (800) 828-1120.

Upcoming Programs

Fall Forestry & Wildlife Field Tours

Registration is now open!

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Agroforestry Workshop

  • November 8
  • 9 - 4:30
  • Warrenton
  • $15 - includes lunch

On-line registration

* New iPhone App for foresters - Service Forester's Toolkit

* An urban forestry resource for local officials: Managing Natural Resources.  A Guide for Municipal Commissions.

New publication: Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Agriculture and Forestry: Methods for Entity-Scale Inventory

Summer 2014 edition of National Woodland magazine


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